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The First 8 Hours in Edinburgh

On New Years Eve of 2015, I wrote a bucket list. Maybe it was the beginning of a new year or the glasses of champagne, but for some reason I felt drawn to put pen to paper on all the places I wanted to see. Most of them were specific: eat chocolate in Switzerland; beer garden […]

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An Introduction to London

Every time I booked an Airbnb in preparation for this trip, there were a couple criteria pertaining to cleanliness and location that had to be met. For London in particular, I wanted to be walking distance from The Mae Deli. I know what you are thinking: Who flies 7 hours across the Atlantic Ocean and bases […]

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What I’m Packing for Europe

Two and a half months is a long time. Even in college, I don’t think I was ever away from home that long. Throw in the fact that I won’t have anything to my name save for my backpack, and all the anxiety starts to creep in. I guess the point of this trip was […]

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